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Say goodbye to painful project management

Full project management tools to effortlessly handle commissions. Built for artists.

We've built a set of tools for artists to effortlessly handle incoming commissions. Contracts, invoices and paperwork are generated for you. Giving you more time to create things.


The whole project admin in one window

Keep track of the latest agreements, invoices or conversation. Simple.

How it works for you

Handle new and existing projects with one link

Get more work from your fans / clients by having a public link for new incoming projects.

Manage new and existing work in one place

Incoming projects are managed on your dashboard allowing you to select ones you want to work on. Archive projects you aren't a fan of and engage with projects that excite you.

Simple, secure agreements with our contract builder

Service agreements shouldn't be hard. We provide bulletproof legal starting points so you're covered for any type of project.

Get paid securely and on time

It's your call on how you'd like to breakdown payments for a project. We send timely reminders and integrate with your favourite payment providers to eliminate stressfull invoice chases.

For Clients

A one page portal to manage their projects with you

Your existing and prospective clients get a unique link to handle projects with you. Allowing messages, service agreements and payments to take place all in one window.


Even more great features

In-built Calendar

Sync deadlines with your own calendar service.

Client address book

Manage new and existing clients in one place.

Mobile App

Get project updates and reply to clients on the go.

Full feature breakdown


Manage incoming projects

Clients contact you through a portal within your website to a conversation page where they submit a short brief. Respond or archive their request.



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